DEKRA Business  Assurance Services
  • 'Let's ensure business safety'

    DEKRA offers you safety solutions that go over and above the legal requirements. As a reliable, solid foundation for sustainable corporate growth.

  • Is this the right place for a cup of coffee?

    In today's transport and logistics industry, attacks on truck drivers are posing an increasing problem. DEKRA suggests possible countermeasures and offers a Europe-wide audit portal for truck stop operators and hauliers.

  • Will employees be exposed to more than the beauty of this car?

    Before a car manufacturer can start using a new hazardous substance, like cooling lubricant, oil, grease, cleaning agents or paint, this substance and the related working process need to be approved. Key factors in this include the law on hazardous substances, work safety and environmental protection.

  • Get a Grip on SVHC - DEKRA Product Chem Risk Tool

    Identify harmful substances in materials easy and efficient - Get your free trial now and test all the functionalities of the new Product Chem Risk Tool.

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10. März 2016
REACH-Workshop - SVHC in Erzeugnissen - Umsetzung des EuGH-Urteils / Referent: Jochen Dettke - DEKRA Assurance Services GmbH > more

Assessment Services by DEKRA

On the one hand, we want your company to benefit from the new opportunities and business models on offer in this innovative time. On the other hand, we want to maintain your company's good reputation and protect it against the multitude of risks in your market environment.

We at DEKRA have committed ourselves to the goal of giving our customers more safety, quality and efficiency. With our extensive range of expertise and services, we offer both public and private companies a solution-oriented approach to this. This makes DEKRA's Business Assurance Services a one-of-a-kind support service, when you want to optimize the quality of your services and thus guarantee the highest degree of safety and sustainability. Our aim at DEKRA Business Assurance Services is to be your number one for auditing, inspection, monitoring, validation, verification, project implementation and assessment. 

Advantages of choosing DEKRA Business Assurance Services

  • Quality of your services and products 
  • Stay informed with real-time updates from the web tool openAssessment
  • Improved monitoring of your internal and external processes
  • DEKRA test reports



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